Are You a Mastermind?

We're passionate about helping Chippewa Valley businesses to grow and excel, and we'd like you to be part of it! When great business minds come together, a "third mind" is created, that can help achieve more business success, and see new opportunities. Welcome to a new Mastermind Community! Here's how it works:

  • Members of a Mastermind Group are matched based upon personality, business strengths and areas of need by the group facilitators.
  • Each group has about four to six members, and meets regularly, sharing learning experiences, insights and advice from each other along the way.
  • A learning segment may be part of the session, depending upon the needs and interests of the group.
  • Members hold each other accountable for action, helping each other to execute key actions to advance business performance and results.


Business Consulting Focused on Results

What we’re really good at:

  • Growing and leading small and mid-sized businesses
  • Aligning business strategy to operations, to get results!
  • Developing leadership talent, teams, and workforce systems
  • Designing better customer service and products
  • Integrating efficient technology solutions; innovation
  • Expediting the journey toward organizational excellence

What’s different about Pursuit of Excellence?

  • We genuinely care about your business success. When we commit to an engagement with you, we become partners in your success. When our clients partner with us, we both benefit when you achieve your best business performance. We stay engaged until your results are delivered, even if it takes more work than we planned, we’re there with you at our cost. That’s what partners do; yielding great value for you, and a strong reputation for us in the market.
  • We are certified experts in the field. Our founder has achieved a rigorous international certification in organizational excellence, based upon the Malcolm Baldrige Performance Excellence criteria. World class organizations are evaluated each year based upon this criteria. Our founder participates in evaluating these organizations too, because she has the expertise to identify gaps, and guide the path to resolution. In Eau Claire, and well beyond the Western Wisconsin area, this proven ability is a rare find. When you need expertise, get a real expert.
  • We offer a scope of services to meet most business needs. Let’s face it, there’s a lot of business consultants out there, in all types and sizes. Some are very focused in their services, others are broad in scope. We cover the spectrum of most business needs, from cash flow, talent management, and logistics of a new start-up, to full operation and strategy of a growing business, to developing an enterprise, franchise or sale. In between, we systematically develop leaders and teams, improve process efficiency, product quality and marketability, and listen to the needs of customers while improving bottom line performance.
  • We offer a complimentary conversation to see if we’re the best match to your needs. If not, we’ll tell you. That’s how we operate. Call us today!



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"I've known Dawn in her capacity as a senior quality leader at Sacred Heart Hospital for a number of years. Her talent in this area is outstanding. She has been instrumental in the advancement of high quality care delivery for her hospitals. She has shown the ability to work very well in a system approach to quality improvement. I give her my highest recommendation."

Timothy Jahn, MD, Chief Medical/Quality Officer

Hospital Sisters Health System

"Dawn is one of the most skilled quality officers I have encountered in 27 years of healthcare. Her ability to investigate problems, track processes, and develop lean, effective solutions led to the correction of a major challenge on our oncology floor. In addition, she was a tremendous mentor, who takes pride in not just assessing quality, but teaching others how to achieve excellence."

Georgia Smith

Sacred Heart Hospital

"Dawn has provided us with an increased focus on quality and performance improvement, both as an organization and as a Division. In addition, she has led the Medical Staff office and Organizational Development, assisting in the leadership development of many."

Faye Deich, Chief Operating Officer

Sacred Heart Hospital

"Our leaders and colleagues are so grateful and appreciative for all you have done for us, as a mentor, leader, teacher, supporter, advisor, and guide - we are truly grateful for your leadership and guidance in assisting our efforts toward a higher level of performance!"

Joan Coffman, Chief Executive Officer

St. Joseph's Hospital

"Dawn is a passionate leader in health care with a focus on quality and value of patient care. She has demonstrated integrity in her practice, and I consider it an honor to call her my colleague, leading nursing practice."

Paula Hafeman, Chief Nursing Officer of Eastern Wisconsin

Hospital Sisters Health System

"You introduced us to the Baldrige journey of quality improvement and under your leadership the hospital received the Governor’s Award of Excellence, the highest level of recognition within the Wisconsin Forward Award program. We know that you will bring a rich trove of expertise to benefit the organizations who utilize your consultation services."

Julie Manas, President and Chief Executive Officer • Jeff Halloin, Chair of the Board of Directors

"Dawn is an inspiration, especially for new leaders who needed to understand performance expectations without feeling intimidated by the process. Dawn expertly led our team to embrace the path and infrastructure that we needed to achieve results. Her expertise in leadership, quality improvement, project management, and execution truly showed. She clearly exceeded our expectations with a customized solution, and I’d highly recommend her services!"

Charisse Oland, Chief Executive Officer

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