Organizational Excellence Consulting

Our business consultants use the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program for those organizations who are performing well in their industries and desire to be world class. The program is nationally recongnized as a proven method to further develop an organization to become a true top performer in their industry.

Beginning with an organizational assessment or a review of a prior application, our business consultants partner with your business to build from your strengths and improve the areas that need further development. Our business consultants also provide expertise in state or national application preparation, site visit preparation, and ongoing improvement based upon a feedback report.

Organizations that proceed on the Baldrige journey see unparalleled results that make the process worthwhile. In addition, leader education in the criteria framework as part of the process journey also serves as an excellent leadership development program. Leaders who go on to serve as volunteers on the Board of Examiners for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award receive a level of leadership education that has been recently ranked in the top ten of all leadership development programs!

As leaders and teams engage in the process, a clear pattern of benefits emerges:

  • A systematic process approach emerges as the standard model of how work is performed.
  • Goals are set to key priorities and aligned throughout the work units.
  • Work process solutions become consistent and effective across work units.
  • A culture of continuous performance improvement engages workforce members, such that retention soars and top talent seeks to join the team.
  • New product and service development becomes rapid, with a high level of fit to market need/demand, often being “first to market”.
  • Customer experiences are consistent across work units and the organization is recognized as a market-leader in customer loyalty.
  • Metric performance results are evidence of top market performance in the industry and the results are sustained over time.
  • Financial performance evidences market and industry leadership, locally and nationally.
  • Other organizations seek to understand how excellence was achieved!

How to Get Started

While many organizations start on the process with an internal leader or a committed team, it is very difficult to achieve true performance excellence without a coach who has successfully mastered the process. Our business consultants have the experience of seasoned national and state examiners to help your organization understand the process and take the next important steps on the journey toward your organizational excellence.

Get started now by scheduling a free, no-obligation consultation visit, to learn more about how our excellence consulting services can help you achieve your organizational excellence. Call 715-828-7390 today.

The Baldrige Promise

By taking the Baldrige journey, you become part of a national effort to improve America's performance and
it's competitive standing in the world.
Baldrige offers a comprehensive management approach as well as integrates any other management tools you may use to support parts of your organization's improvement efforts.

Baldrige offers you:

An overall management framework

Criteria that evolves to reflect the leading edge of validated management practice

Focus on results in all areas important to performance

Focus on a strategic view of the future

Focus on organizational and personal learning and knowledge sharing

Focus on corporate governance, ethics, social responsibility, and sustainability

The first and only Presidential Award for performance excellence

Expert review and feedback from trained examiners at a low cost

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"My recommendation:
implement the Baldrige
Framework into your
business. No other single
document can help build
a long-term successful

Jerry R. Rose,
Corporate Vice President of Cargill, Inc.