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Whether a business is a new startup, one that has been growing steadily for years, or one that is preparing for a leadership transition, every business benefits from some help now and then. Savvy business leaders know that although mistakes can be great learning experiences, they can also be costly. Let us help you address your biggest challenges without the costly mistakes. We offer custom solutions, designed and delivered for your unique needs.

Find the services that your business needs to achieve your goals on the path to your best business performance. The services below are common interventions; however, they are not intended to represent a comprehensive listing given specific client needs and tactics deployed.

Leadership Workforce Processes Customers System-Based

Leadership Focused Business Consulting Services

  • Evaluate and optimize leadership system constructs: goal setting, alignment, accountability, communication, decision-making, team-building, reward and recognition
  • Facilitate strategic planning process: development and execution
  • Lead change management process involving transformational leadership strategies
  • Conduct tailored assessments for leadership match to organizational needs
  • Coach meeting and communication process efficiency
  • Coach goal-setting processes; cascade aligned goals throughout the organization
  • Leadership development, succession planning, and talent management programs
  • Build agility and innovation supports into leadership processes

Leadership Focus Results:

  • Evaluate and guide strategic planning processes to achieve vision and goals
  • Evaluate and design organizational communication systems for engagement and results
  • Accelerate use of efficient time management leadership tools designed for outcomes
  • Design effective alignment and accountability systems for sustained results

Workforce Focused Business Consulting Services

  • Evaluate work team capacity and capability (skill/will) to achieve desired outcomes
  • Identify areas for work process efficiency based upon national best practices
  • Evaluate work process consistency at the work unit level
  • Identify individual/team behavior gaps impacting work process consistency
  • Establish and implement standard work for key processes w/teams
  • Establish and implement a learning plan for employees in basic improvement tools
  • Establish and implement a work plan designed for improvement in key processes
  • Provide a framework for the development of empowered work teams
  • Develop and implement systems to harvest workforce innovations
  • Develop and implement systems for customer service standards

Workforce Focus Results:

  • Engage workforce members to create efficient and innovative work process solutions
  • Design standard work to create key process consistency and targeted results
  • Engage workforce members to design organizational customer service standards
  • Create high performing empowered work teams, with high levels of productivity, retention, and employee engagement

Process Focused Business Consulting Services

  • Ensure or introduce an effective method for process improvement (PDCA, etc.)
  • Evaluate team/leadership capacity for process improvement applications
  • Evaluate areas of identified performance gap by means of quality improvement tools
  • Design an improvement plan based upon priority areas of need including work plan, communication plan, team/leadership guide, and metric report/scorecard
  • Apply Lean, Six Sigma, Shingo Prize, and TQM methodologies as indicated
  • Ensure or create leadership foundation knowledge of improvement tools/applications
  • Facilitate team learning and work process improvements to desired results
  • Develop and implement systematic approaches to focused areas of improvement:
    — Priority improvement planning and matrices
    — Efficient results-based team meetings
    — Project planning and management
    — Use of control practices/plans
    — Results sharing/reporting systems
  • Statistical analysis, projection, and reporting mechanisms
  • Cross-functional work unit improvement design

Process Focused Results:

  • Evaluate and redesign key work processses for enhanced customer value
  • Achieve structure and process efficiencies for expense management
  • Evaluate, design, and improve work systems for sustained results
  • Employ performance improvement techniques to achieve benchmark results

Customer Focused Business Consulting Services

  • Optimize or establish an effective customer survey process
  • Facilitate customer or potential customer focus groups
  • Conduct customer experience observations (as appropriate to subject/services)
  • Video encounter observations/review (with customer consent as required); analysis
  • Conduct a market-based, competitive customer service analysis
  • Create and establish a specific action plan to improve opportunity areas
  • Provide visual tools for employee and team engagement in service improvement
  • Team training and facilitation on service standards and techniques

Patient Experience Healthcare Consulting Services:

  • Physician/Allied Health Professional office and patient engagement evaluations and analysis
  • Physician/Allied Health Professional coaching on effective office tactics/practices
  • Optimize or establish an effective patient satisfaction/engagement survey process
  • Evaluate results over time; develop and facilitate action plan implementation
  • Develop and facilitate rounding labs for employee coaching on effective practices
  • Develop and apply patient-focused scripting to specific aspects of care
  • Develop and facilitate leader accountability systems for employee coaching
  • Team training and facilitation on service standards and techniques

Customer Focused Results:

  • Create an organizational focus upon customer value and business growth
  • Create a cultural transformation to service excellence
  • Create ongoing customer loyalty and sustained market growth

System-Based/Organization Focused Consulting Services

  • Evaluate leadership and governance system constructs to support strategic objectives, mission, vision and values
  • Facilitate strategic plan development, design and execution
  • Create alignment from strategic plan to operational plan to results
  • Evaluate and optimize work systems to support organizational goals and objectives
  • Assess, design and deliver governance and senior leadership education, training and development to areas of need
  • Build and integrate agility and innovation processes into work system design
  • Establish an effective and enduring knowledge management system
  • Establish an infrastructure for organizational learning and improvement
  • Evaluate and optimize key processes within the leadership and governance systems in support of ethical and regulatory compliance, emergency preparedness, and societal well-being for key communities served

System-Based Results:

  • Evaluate and design effective leadership and governance systems to achieve strategic and operational objectives
  • Evaluate and guide strategic planning processes to achieve mission, vision, and goals
  • Design work systems and processes to minimize organizational risk from compliance, regulatory, safety, and societal elements
  • Design and guide development of an enduring knowledge management system

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