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Like a physician helps a patient who has a health issue, our business consultants approach your business goals much like a business doctor. We evaluate your business symptoms, identify "pain points", and design a specific treatment plan to resolve issues using our Excellence Driven℠ Model. If you don't know where the "pain" is, our business consultants will help you find it.

Pain points are felt by your customers first and foremost and are caused by your work processes, workforce, or leadership processes. Since customers drive the sustainability of your business, this is generally the first focus area if results are not meeting your targets. As your customer’s experience and related systems are evaluated, if there are root issues in workforce, processes, or leadership, these would be the primary areas for developing issue resolutions.

Leadership Workforce Processes Customers System-Based

Leadership sets the tone and direction of an organization through it's mission, vision, values, and culture. If there are issues originating within your leadership, they impact all of the other realms. There are a number of tactics our business consultants use to identify and address specific areas of issue successfully. The tactics selected for your business are based upon a preliminary analysis of findings identified through such methods as interviews, observations, and review of goals, policies, or processes. Intervention approaches often focus upon items such as clarity of vision, two-way communication with the workforce, alignment of key strategic goals to operational goals, change management, and holding others accountable to expectations and standards. Effective redesign of leadership processes creates great organizational value.

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Your people are your greatest asset and your primary connection to your customers. Are your people reflecting the values and mission of your organization through their customer engagement practices? If not, this will be a key area of focus. This may involve a workforce assessment, surveys, shadowing observations, team activities, training, developing leadership systems to coach and train employees, and many other solutions. The targeted solutions would be based upon your objective findings.

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The highest performing organizations have realized that efficient processes mean better customer satisfaction and engagement as well as better employee satisfaction and engagement. When processes are optimized, everyone wins, and your bottom line will reflect the benefit! There are many quality-based tools to support an organization’s process improvement, and these would be applied expertly depending on the areas of specific need. Improving your processes not only improves satisfaction and engagement measures, but it also supports innovation and consistent results, helping you to truly outperform others in the market. It is the foundation work needed to ultimately become a world class, excellent organization.

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Your customers are sending many messages as they interact with your business. They share what they like, what they would like, and what they don't like. The challenge for many businesses is to tune in to these customer messages before their customers feel that they've not been heard and choose to move to other competitors. Often businesses are not set up to capture and act upon this feedback or to analyze it to determine the best tactics for improvement. Expertise in this area may involve a variety of interventions, based upon the specific business and potential areas of impact. In all cases, failure to improve this will quickly impact all of your other performance measures and your financials. Let's partner to give your customers an excellent experience!

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If your organization's foundation areas are functioning effectively, yet the targeted results remain elusive, our plan will focus upon a system-level view. The process review begins with the strategic planning process to ensure organizational alignment of mission, vision, and values to customer requirements. This includes a review of the strategic plan/goals and operational plan/goals as well as metric results. Innovation and organizational agility are evaluated next to determine process strengths for rapid identification and response to new market opportunities. This engages a review of organizational maturity and knowledge management to ensure preparedness for the industry’s probable future state. The synergy of these elements creates a view of organizational value to current and prospective customers. Depending upon the level of perceived customer value in the current market, our business consultants will take specific actions to identify and address points of leveraged opportunity.

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